The Number 9 Blacktops


The Number 9 Blacktops are a 3-piece Hot-Rod Rockabilly/Motorcycle Rock-n-Roll band from the state of Illinois. Featuring "Skinny" Jim Rotramel on guitar/vocals, Kasey Lee Rogers on upright bass, and Cody Beckman on drums, this trio has rocked faces off in 11 countries now.

The band has recorded with Rick Miller from Southern Culture on the Skids, Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers, and 2014 will mark the 4th time the band has supported the legendary Chuck Berry.

Gretsch Guitars professionally endorses Jim, and the band has had songs on Harley-Davidson commercials in the United States.

With songs about cars, motorcycles, and hot girls, you can't help but stomp your feet and sing along. "I promise you'll have a blast at a Number 9 Blacktops show" says singer Jim Rotramel. "If anything, you'll be amazed by our totally awesome badass tattoos!! ha!"


Jim has cancelled his upcoming tour in september 2014.
the shows will be rescheduled soon

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